Breeding and Care

Lutino, Wildtype

The breeding boxes made of wood which are 60 cm high and with a diameter of 16 cm are kept inside the whole year. When it is winter I close the hole with a pineapple. In the end of january I remove these and then fill the boxes with wood chppings. The breeding starts at the end of january/start of february.

Opalinegreygreen, Opaline, Wildtype and ???


The nurturing of my birds exists of a very versatile diet of seeds, which i make myself. They also get a wide diet of different fruits. 5 times a week. (Mango,Kiwi, Apple, Zucchini, Orange, Carrot, Pomegrenate and sometimes Figs and Currant) The well being of my birds is on top of my list! As well with their accomodation as in nutrition. I prefer quality instead of quantity!